Our vision

Longstanding expertise,
Automation +IT
ROI & Pragmatic
Ultimate energy efficiency,
Advanced process analytics
Centralized process control
MCC integration standardized
Neural networks,
Genetic algorithms,
Predictable payback
Aquatoria is a product that emerged from the evolutional process of cooperation with water service companies. We have been working in development of municipal water supply control systems since 1996, and passed the road from local automation systems to systems of centralized control of water supply of the whole city.  We are specialists in automation, having a keen understanding of the water supply technologies, operation of pumping equipment, and many years of experience in this field. By combining these experience and information technologies we created Aquatoria.

We have developed our very own approach to optimization of municipal water supply systems having in mind generalized portrait of our customer – constantly ambitious to efficiency, pragmatic and existing under limited financial resources conditions. Today we do not offer solution for automation of water supply system. We offer solution capable to ensure predictabile return of investments for our customers through the ultimate enery efficiency, advanced early-stage process and equipment diagnostics and fully automated operation. 

Imposing minimal requirements on the field level, Aquatoria however guarantees achievement of a series of benefits:

  • Predictable payback period
  • Supreme energy efficiency
  • Extensive system of analytics and diagnostics of a process and equipment
  • Easy and convenient use

Principles of centralized water supply control elaborated in Aquatoria are aimed to:

  • Standardize integration of pump and PRV controllers, loggers and instrumentation equipment of various manufacturers into a single control system
  • Optimize operation modes of water supply and distribution as well as pumping equipment operation and diagnostics of abnormal deviations in automatic mode.
  • Minimize maintanance cost of the solution due to "parametrization instead of programming" approach to system expansion or change of configurations
  • Ensure uninterruptable water supply and security of the process

Our approach rests on a large range of state-of-the-art control technologies. In particular, we use technologies of the “soft computing” class that base on the fuzzy systems techniques. They include artificial neuronal webs, genetic algorithms, phasi-regulators. Apart from that we actively use machine learning to create empirical digital twins used for automatic testing of condition of equipment and abnormalities in networks.

Without casting any doubts on helpfulness of the hydraulic model of a network, we offer an alternative way that provides a more predictable assessment of payback time for investments and allows obtaining a real measurable effect in a short term of several months. However, ideally, the approach elaborated by us should be used jointly with the hydraulic simulation system, which remains the most efficient tool to locate leaks.