We developed dedicated equipment, software and methods to perform energy audit, they allow high precision evaluation of the potential to increase energy efficiency of the studied facility. Tools developed by us are easy to use and cross-functional, they embrace all process stages of operation of water supply systems: from well water intakes to pump stations of all stages. We recommend to perform an instrumental audit in cases when accurate evaluation of the potential to increase energy efficiency of the facility is needed. Besides, instrumental audit is mandatory when working on energy service contracts or agreements made on terms “pay-per-performance.”


It is an important part of any project, which determines the concept of construction or modernization of a water supply system. For systems under modernization this means mandatory performance of instrumental audit and, in some cases, of a hydraulic simulation. Performed works contemplate clear classification of all considered engineering solutions for conformity to requirements of a technical design specification.

This allows to a customer to easily assess feasibility of each particular action proposed for implementation, with due consideration of the cost factor. Thus an investor may clearly understand the purposes of spending money and the expected result of investments


We provide services in development of a full range of project documentation for construction of water and waste water systems including hydraulic simulation of large and distributed systems. For renovation projects we conduct filed measurements which are used for precise hydraulic calculations and optimal and grounded selection of renovation strategy.


We have been working in development and production of control cabinets for water supply systems more than 25 years. The experience gained by us allowed to formulate optimal design solutions that give consideration to specific character of their use. We are convinced that control cabinets designed by us meet the most sophisticated demands of our customers. You can learn more about our standard products here…

When creating the architecture of a water supply control system it is crucial to create IT infrastructure that ensures continuous functioning of the whole system. Creation of such infrastructure is an important aspect of our work, and the experience we have allows us to give consideration to many nuances in creation of distributed control systems that work mainly using wireless communication channels.


This type of works for us is secondary to our main business. However, in those cases when implementation is performed as a part of a service package that involves construction and installation works, we are ready to act as a general contractor and perform the whole range of works, including installation of process equipment. For works in the Russian Federation we have a license of self-regulating organization to perform this type of works.


Reaching target parameters declared at the pre-investment stage is an important part of our work. We ALWAYS follow all our projects regardless of the form of our participation in them, which guarantees our customers reaching the stated results. With customers located in the Republic of Belarus we are ready to work according on terms “pay-per-performance.”

Predictability of investments of our customers is the unique advantage of the Aquatoria project, proven by dozens of implementation in different countries.

Instrumental energy audit and hydraulic simulation for water supply facilities
Technical assistance for facilities to reach their target performance indicators
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Pre-investment project engineering
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Technical assistance
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The predictability of our client's investments is a unique advantage of the Aquatoria project, achieved through a full cycle of the project support: from conducting an energy audit of the water supply facility to technical support of the implemented system. Dozens of implementations in different countries confirm the accurateness of our strategy.